"You know exactly who you are…"

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Night Fury doodles

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Look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide.

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  • Interviewer: And for my final question, if you had to name one swimmer that inspired you while you were growing up, who would that be?
  • Rin: U-uh, well... (Looks over at Haruka who is avoiding eye contact.)


Haruka’s attitude on the swim club: S01E02 » S02E13.

The fallout || The make-up

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some-random-loner whispered: A group of guys I usually hang out with got into a whole conversation the other day about how feminists are nothing but man-hating, overweight, inferior virgin bitches. They said to stop complaining because "It's as equal as its gonna get." When I explained to them that I'm a feminist and I defined the term, they tried to replace feminism with some other bullshit term, because "feminists are bitches, but you're not a man hating bitch. You're not a feminist." What should I do?






LMAO, or you can grow up and accept that it there opinion, and you won’t let that affect your friendship

LMAO yeah it’s totally immature to refuse to fill your life with bigots and hold your friends to a standard of seeing women as full and autonomous human beings who face a larger social field of gendered discrimination! LOL! ;) :0 B)

Lmao their opinion shouldn’t affect your friendship!?

Some opinions matter, some don’t.

"My friend hates tomatoes, in her opinion they are a disgusting waste of space. I disagree with her. She lets me eat her tomatoes."

That’s a difference in opinion that I can accept.

"My friend is an ignorant chauvinist to the patriarchy who makes blanket unoriginal insults and misogynistic generalizations about feminists. When I disagree, my friend tells me I’m wrong and talks down to me because he thinks he knows more about my ideals and core beliefs then I do."

That’s a difference in opinion that I cannot accept.

Yeah this dude is acting like “Women are people deserving of respect” is an opinion you can disagree with someone over and still maintain a healthy friendship.  Like what the fuck, how shitty are your friendships?  How lonely of a person are you that you’d remain devoted to people who completely devalue you based on your gender? 

Oh wait, he’s a man, so he has never experienced that.

  • Before watching no.6: *someone mentions bees* oh
  • After watching no.6: *someone mentions bees* breaks down, curls into a ball and cries



please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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